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Agriculture posts

Land Use in Britain – Overview.
Land Use in Britain – Stone Age to Iron Age.
Land Use in Britain – Romans and Vikings.
Land Use in Britain – Beyond Early Modern.

Land Use in Britain (full version) – The Agricultural Revolution.

. quicklime application for neutralization of acidic soils .

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Audiovisual posts

Every so often YT suspends entire channels because of copyright violations. I will not delete the relevant post because channel owners often re-upload on new channels. In the meantime—provided I've noticed the loss—the post title will appear in small print.


Warfare, Religion, Thought, Sex:
Inside the Medieval Mind – Power .
Inside the Medieval Mind – Belief .
Inside the Medieval Mind – Knowledge .
Inside the Medieval Mind – Sex .


Medicine: Plague .

History of Britain - Dynasty .
History of Britain - Nations .
History of Britain - King Death .

Adventures in English - Birth of a Language: parts 1, 2, 3, 4, (5 omitted), 6, (7, 8 omitted)


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