Lime burning

Lime Kiln playlist contents.

Calculating capacity of kiln in video 1 (based on ratio of 10:3 tons limestone:coal):

Specific gravities:
Limestone, broken 1554 kg/cu.m.
Coal, Bituminous, broken 833 kg/cu.m.
(anthracite would be too expensive for this task)

1 cu m = 35.3147 cu.ft.

Converting from kg to uk tons
1554 kg = 1.52945694 uk tons/35.3147 cu.ft.
833 kg = 0.874959603 uk ton/35.3147 cu.ft.

60 tons of broken limestone fills 1385.4 cu.ft.
15 tons of broken bituminous coal fills 605.4 cu.ft.

At 56% of the weight of limestone (based on the atomic numbers CaCO3 versus CaO), each of the 2 larger kilns would yield 25 tons of quicklime.

(Presumably, the BBC researchers found the figures for the capacity of both kilns at Morwellham Quay.)

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